For all its faults, you can give the Internet credit for at least one big win: making prices far more transparent. Sitting on a bench with a mobile phone, it’s easy to compare the price of a ride across town with Uber versus Lyft; buying a used Toyota from any dealer in the country; getting a home mortgage; or embarking on a kayak tour in Maui.

But a Boston startup launching this month contends that the price of one important thing is still pretty opaque: going to college.

“The dirty little secret of higher education,” says Nick Ducoff, the cofounder of Edmit, is that a raft of grants, scholarships, and other financial assistance means that a school’s published tuition rates don’t apply to every student. “There’s a lot of discounts masquerading as scholarships,” says Ducoff, an entrepreneur and attorney who recently left Northeastern University, where he was vice president of new ventures. Another secret: Many good colleges are scrambling to fill seats in their freshman classes.

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